Rusty C. Profile Thumb

Rusty C.

11 days ago

Nice and quiet located in a great part of Huntsville quick access to all major stores and eating spots and close to the school and sporting venues

Hayden M. Profile Thumb

Hayden M.

11 days ago

I have noticed a few small things in my unit that appear to be shortcuts taken by maintenance. Small example, when I was setting up my router I tried plugging the Ethernet into the faceplate on the wall but then the port go pushed back into the faceplate. I used to be a cable technician when I was an independent contractor. What I saw after I took the faceplate off to pull the port back in was a coax line and an Ethernet line in the same conduit. My point, instead of replacing the faceplate with the proper faceplate, it was cut to have the cat5 port fit in the existing faceplate. While I was able to identify the problem and fix it without contacting y’all, not every resident will have the same skills, knowledge, or even awareness of small details.

Jessica D. Profile Thumb

Jessica D.

16 days ago

The fellow residents of the apartment complex are generally well behaved. However sometimes they are loud, screaming can be heard from across the complex, or loud music can be heard from the pool.

Dustyn S. Profile Thumb

Dustyn S.

17 days ago

Appliances seem to be degrading or are no longer working but over all the complex is clean and things are taken care of. Wish we could have kept the hot tub though

Adriana C. Profile Thumb

Adriana C.

19 days ago

The apartment is great!! And the club house is amazing!! The only problem are the stray cats wich use the hallways as litter box!! Terrible problem!

Hailey O. Profile Thumb

Hailey O.

24 days ago

So far its a great place to live. Even though all the upgrading is not complete yet, the facility is amazing and you absolutely get your money's worth.

Katelynn T. Profile Thumb

Katelynn T.

1 month ago

Love this complex. Super great for me and my pup. The best part is the staff and how well you are treated on a daily basis. Cant wait for more mems.

Ally D. Profile Thumb

Ally D.

1 month ago

Awesome place! And awesome employees! The property overall is always clean there is never any trouble with parking or loud neighbors. Everyone and everything is great!

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