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Hannah N.

2 days ago

Very fast maintenance service, but still no working gate in the complex. Internet quality has decreased immensely since switching to the Suddenlink program we’re currently on. Wish I could have my own internet router again, because I had perfect internet before the switch.

Thank you Hannah for your review! We're glad that our maintenance getting your service request done in a timely manner! As for the gate we have plans to get it working over the winter break. We are sorry your internet is slower since the switch. We were actually told it was going to be an upgrade. So we apologize about that and if you ever need anything on that end feel free to give Suddenlink a call at 1-855-861-4168. As for anything else we can help you with, we would love to do so. Just stop on by the front office or give us a call at 936-439-5226. Thank you and have a great day!

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Jacob S.

4 days ago

Very good quality apartment. Very clean and up to date. I haven’t been here for long but I have got to use the gym and basketball court so far and it was very enjoyable

Thank you for your review Jacob! We're glad that you are liking it here so far! We would love to be able to make your experience not only a 4 star but a 5 star! So if there is anything we can do, just let us know!

Brielle C. Profile Thumb

Brielle C.

22 days ago

I love the staff that works in the office are nice and the stability of the bus. The complex is always clean and neat. I have absolutely zero complains and will be resigning the lease for one more year!

Thank you for your review Brielle! We are happy that we can provide you with the perfect place to live and keep it clean and neat. If you ever need anything just let us know!

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Samira S.

23 days ago

I have been living here for 2 going on 3 years and I havent had any problems. So glad I chose the Forum! Its always so clean and the staff is very nice. Whenever I have any maintainance issues, they come within a day or so and are very polite.

We are super glad you chose The Forum too and that you are having an amazing experience! We strive every day to make sure you are having the best experience possible, so if you ever need anything just let us know!

laur*@*.com Profile Thumb


23 days ago

Average overpriced Huntsville apartments, although the consistent shuttle and decent amenities make it one of the better ones to choose from

Thank you for your review Lauren! We are glad you chose to live with us here at The Forum and we would love to help you out if you ever need anything. So, if you do ever need anything just let us know!

Breanna O. Profile Thumb

Breanna O.

23 days ago

The apartment was so clean from the moment I moved in. All i had to do was decorate and it instantly felt like home! I definitely plan on continuing to live here

Awesome! We would love to have you to continue to live here! If you ever need any help with anything we would love to help you out, so just let us know!

Olivia W. Profile Thumb

Olivia W.

23 days ago

This place is really nice and fairly quiet. We submitted a few things to maintenance that have not been fixed but other than that, it’s pretty good.

Thank you for your review Olivia! We are glad you like it here because we like having you here! We are sorry your maintenance request hasn't been fixed yet. If you want to give us a call at 936-439-5226 to ensure we have all of your maintenance request on file, we will get to those as soon as possible.

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